Health and Wellness Coaching

General Information

Contact JAEL to schedule a FREE coaching session with her. We will meet for ~1 hr using the Zoom online conferencing platform, FaceTime, Call or in person ONLY if you are in the Denver Metro area. Use code “CEPHEUSDENVER” when you book your first session.

Data Analysis

Do you have data that you would like the Coach to analyze for example, 23 and me, Nutrition Genome or other DNA tests. (laboratory results /food diary etc.) Do you have research articles that you would like evaluated? If so, please email relevant documents to at least one week prior to your coaching session.

Cepheus Grown’s Health and Wellness Coaching offers you…

  • Holistic Health Coaching
  • Online Resources
  • Valuable Alternative Health Resources
  • Mindfulness Training

Cepheus Grown’s Coaching Clients want:

  • Healthy Solutions
  • Proven Strategies
  • Compassionate, Empathetic Support
  • Sustainable Results
  • Skills to Thrive

Coach Jael Promises you; Better Health Starts Right Here!



Or contact Jael by calling or texting
720 584 - 5790

Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, IBS, Dyspepsia, GERD, Endometriosis, SVT, Chronic pains? You are NOT alone. Click HERE (para que hagan bookings como pop up. que los bookings sean de 45 min y yo tener 30min de descanso entre cada sesión, se necesita su celular, email, y nombre completo. y se le manda un formulario apenas hacen su cita para yo conocer a la clienta mejor antes de la primera llamada. si es primera vez que hacen cita, tiene que ser con 5 días de anticipación.)

Bookings: Cepheus Grown Coaching service is provided via Call or Video Call. Be sure to provide a Cellphone number. Prior to your first call, you will receive an intake form when you schedule you appointment. The intake form allows the coach to know how to best approach the first session. Email us back the intake form before your first session at least 48 hours ahead. If it’s emailed in less than 48 hours before your first session, we may contact you to reschedule. Coaching sessions are recommended to be booked for a series of 8 sessions. One session a week for 8 weeks. But remember, We know Everyone is Different.

Coaching usually involves multiple sessions because gently peeling the layers back takes time. We’ve all got a goldmine inside strength we didn’t know was there. Coaching is the thing that can bring your life up to the next level.


First Session Regular Session 8 Sessions Pack
1 hour : $50 45 minutes : $45 $35 each : $280 total

Coaching asks you to look inside and be honest with yourself about where you are and where you want to go. Go ahead and be bold! You can do it!

Transform your Health
Right in the Comfort of Home!